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It almost seems unreasonable for us to be together.  
Yet it has been cheered on for a couple years now.  
We are close but it seems forced and has become a habit for us both.  
We talk but we don’t talk enough to each other.  
So if we were to go together, it seems unpredictable as to what would happen.  
His personality is different than mine, but we share common traits.  
He will be gone soon, yet I am shy to ask for contact info.  
What shall become of us when he leaves?
None of this would have happened should they not have suggested.
Sooooooooooo I've known this guy at my school for a few years now.  At first it's one of those newly found friendships where you just yell their name and exchange glances with occasional talk.  Of course we have all become friends even if the summer seems to have separated us for a bit.  But I have been shipped with too many people this year and he was one of them.  He seems to have grown accustomed to his "nickname" but it suits him well.  But our interactions seem forced in a way.  ahhhhh the complexity of a girl's mind
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Submitted on
November 20, 2014


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